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Already a #1 bestseller at its publication launch date, this eagerly awaited memoir by the 42nd President of the United States accounts for the life and times of Bill Clinton through his two-term presidency. Charismatic and controversial, Clinton pens his own version of a life that emerged from a difficult upbringing to reign at the apex of political power. Candidly, and in a voice recognizably his own, the former President examines his successes and setbacks. Given the lightning rod he's always been, Bill Clinton's tour de force testament is sure to ignite a firestorm of interest in an already politically charged election year. As Presidential history, it resets the window of accountability. 957p.

Editorial Reviews

Former President William Jefferson Clinton's hotly anticipated 957-page doorstop of a memoir is much like its author—charismatic, longwinded, and, many might say, deeply flawed. The first Democratic president to be elected to a second term since FDR in 1936, Clinton has lived what is by any account an eventful, inspiring life. As explained in early passages notable for their frankness and humanity, Clinton, born to humble Arkansas roots, never knew his father. William Jefferson Blythe was killed in an automobile accident just months before his son's birth. Clinton adored his mother, Virginia, a nurse with a large, loving family and a harmless penchant for the racetrack. Difficulties began when Virginia married Roger Clinton, who struggled with alcohol and a violent temper. A turbulent home life and the vagaries of a segregated South, however, only pushed the gregarious Clinton to achieve. He became interested in politics at an early age. He wrote, debated, played the saxophone, and eventually made it to Georgetown and Oxford universities, a law practice, then to Little Rock and the governor's mansion, and eventually to the White House. Clinton's administration was equally dramatic. Domestically, he fought to balance the federal budget, presided over a government shutdown, and beat back a conservative cultural backlash. Diplomatically, Clinton skirmished with a bellicose Saddam Hussein, ended a genocidal crisis in Bosnia, accelerated the Mideast peace process until its eventual collapse, and began to deal with the budding threat posed by Osama bin Laden and al Qaeda. To top that off, he left office in 2000 amid the bizarre Bush/Gore electoral crisis. Copyright 2004 Reed Business Information.

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