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Bill Clinton, James McGreevey, Woody Allen, Michael Jackson, and O.J. Simpson have in common with Leslie Cauldwell, protagonist of Arthur Nersesian's latest novel? They are Suixcide Casanovas. What compels powerful men in the prime of their professional lives to risk so much? Following the commercial success of his previouis books, Nersesian's new novel is a psychosexual thriller, a dramatic departure from his youthful black comedies: Humbert Humbert without the pedophile penchant, Hannibal lechter without the apetite. 368p.

Editorial Reviews

Literary shock-jock Nersesian (The Fuck-Up) returns with his true muse-pre-Giuliani New York City. Leslie Cauldwell, a wealthy lawyer, is a porn-obsessed geek- turned-insatiable sadist. We discover that Leslie killed his dominatrix wife, Cecilia, during a rough sex act. But Leslie doesn't wallow long and goes in search of the girl who set him on the path of decadence and excess-adult-film sex-kitten Sky Pacifica. Sky, now a suburban mom, is just as bewitching as when the two met 20 years earlier-and Leslie will stop at nothing to get her back. Leslie is a signature ";;;;;suicide casanova,";;;;; a man who will risk success and security by giving in to his baser nature. Unfortunately, Nersesian's keen psychologist's eye for deviance and his native's grasp of the gritty city can't save a plot held together by smutty talk and sexual interludes. Not recommended.-Misha Stone, Seattle P.L. Copyright 2005 Reed Business Information.

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