Luis S

Visual Merchandising Manager

Looking for a good book? Luis can probably recommend a book or two that'll make you go 'Whoa!', 'Great!'; and possibly even 'Meh...'. Guaranteed to work all of the time, 60% of the time. Luis joined the Strand as a recent transplant from the grand city of Columbus, Ohio. Having attended THE Ohio State University, Luis completed his BA in Communications and stayed around the Columbus area as a part time security supervisor and sock model. Having grown up in Venezuela, Luis developed a passion for reading once moving to the states and attributes learning English to the Harry Potter series. By reading while listening along to the audio books, JK Rowling's world would shape his love for all things fantasy. (and YA, and Sci-fi, and Business, and an expansive collection of 'For Dummies' books..)

Luis S's Reviews

Red Rising

by: Pierce Brown

Humanity has banded together to escape a dying world. In a society where every person born has a role, Gold rules while every other color bows down. For 700 years Darrow and his people, the lowly Reds have dug. To all others, they are as insignificant as an ant. Beat down. Shamed. Reds unite to fight on equal grounds and rise.

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