The "Shrinking Buddha" Diet

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The "Shrinking Buddha" Diet Health & Medicine
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Why can't I lose weight? It's a question people have asked themselves all over the world for decades now. It seems that the more that is written on diet and exercise, the heavier we as a people become. And the sad part is, the "experts" blame the victims.If you've ever struggled with your weight and lost the battle, this book is for you. If you've tried every diet imaginable and failed, then this book is for you. If you've felt that you were doing your very best but you still couldn't lose weight, this book is for you.In Shrinking Buddha you'll discover the ancient art of appetite control. This marvelous gift allows you to TURN YOUR APPETITE OFF AT WILL. Learn how the ancient masters: Plato, Buddha, Christ, Thoreau, Tolstory, Gandhi, and others used this wonderful paradigm to gain their ideal weight, health, and happiness.

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