Old Land, Dark Land, Strange Land: Stories

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Old Land, Dark Land, Strange Land: Stories Mystery & Suspense
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Old Land, Dark Land, Strange Land takes a deep and unsettling look into human behavior. We see ordinary people in small town America committing extraordinary crimes, motivated by greed, lust, and revenge. Many of the stories included here revolve around the detective skills of Suter's most popular series characters.
Meet Uncle Abner, the 19th century West Virginia cattle-breeder who sees the hand of God in every happening. Resurrected by Suter at the request of the Melville Davisson Post estate, Uncle Abner remains among the most loved of American detectives.
Hard on Abner's heels are the modern day investigative team of Arlan Boley and Warren McKee. The heavy equipment operator and the West Virginia sheriff bring a combination of common sense and keen insight into human nature to bear on the solution of crimes committed against their neighbors.

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