Ahaiyute: And Cloud Eater


Ahaiyute: And Cloud Eater Native American Studies
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A retelling of the Zuni folktale in which an Indian boy accepts the challenge to conquer the Cloud Eater and thereby prove that he is a strong warrior

Editorial Reviews

~ A Zuni tale of the American Southwest. Would-be warrior Ahaiyute, ``as nimble as an antelope, as sleek as a trout, and as strong as a buffalo,'' seeks a worthy challenge to prove his manhood. His grandmother tells him of a monster that has settled in the East and gives him magic feathers to level the playing field. Ahaiyute travels to the monster's land and befriends a mole who helps him defeat his foe. Hulpach makes the allegorical elements of the tale (the monster symbolizing the white invader, the mole the power of nature, etc.) universal and accessible to children by focusing on the heroic aspect of Ahaiyute's quest rather than the monster's deeds. The illustrations serve the same purpose: Created in a realistic style, they emphasize Ahaiyute's youthfulness; the murky color scheme, relieved only by the brightly colored feathers, conveys the feeling of darkness that has settled over the land. A Czech author and a Polish illustrator may seem an unusual pair to find behind a piece of Native American mythology; in this case, distance lends clarity. (Picture book/folklore. 6-10) Copyright 1999 Kirkus Reviews

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