Paper Girls, Vol. 4

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Paper Girls, Vol. 4 New Arrivals

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  • Mecha Robots Fight

    3 out of 5

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    The girls are thrust into the year 2000 and come across looters, rebel comic strip writers and giant fighting robots. Somehow Tiffany is the only one who can see the robots so that makes her journey particularly problematic. The story gets a little more coherent as they meet somehow who provides them with clues and a story about the time wars, the Old Timers and why the fighting is happening in the first place. The girls are as savvy and quick as ever and they need to be. People around them keep getting shot, killed or brainwashed but Tiffany, KJ, Erin and the ever-repellant Mac shoulder onwards, dodging bullets, blasts and robots big and small. The adventure continues as the girls find friends and foes and past and future selves. It’s still one oddball tale but it keeps you coming back for more.