A Child's Treasury of Irish Rhymes


A Child's Treasury of Irish Rhymes Nursery Rhymes
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26 traditional children's rhymes w/ color illus. Ages 5-9.

Editorial Reviews

This playful collection of poetry culled from Taylor's (To School Through the Fields) childhood memories whisks readers' imaginations to the Emerald Isle as sure as any St. Patrick's Day celebration. A youthful innocence flows through such cheerful rhymes as "Lost Time" by Ffrida Wolfe, featuring a boy who dawdles on the way to school ("Timothy took his time to school/ But he lost it all and was late"); Florence Hoatsom's "The Thin Cat," in which a family takes pity on a stray; as well as a few poems not indigenous to Ireland, like "Mr. Nobody," starring an unseen entity responsible for all household mischief. In the tradition of Irish lore, fairies, elves and magic shoemakers flit among the pages. And the verses scan particularly well, missing nary a beat; children will relish their mellifluous sound, even if they occasionally don't understand a word or phrase (à la "sickleback," "delf," "bathing machine"). Emoe makes her picture-book debut with spot art and full-page illustrations rendered in pastel and paint. This textured medium combined with sprightly figures sporting rosy cheeks and sweet smiles brings a fresh, childlike flavor to her work. Ages 4-8. (Mar.) Copyright 1999 Publishers Weekly Reviews

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