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  • Too Funny!

    4 out of 5

    Written by , Posted on at 9:50:44 PM

    Sometimes one just has to change it up a little so one does not slip into a rut. Fearing such rut, I had picked up David Sedaris’ Calypso to sort of read on the side. Man, is this guy something else. Sedaris writes essays, mainly of true family experience. Talk about a change of pace, this guy is so far away from the epicenter of my reading core. David Sedaris is a very humorous writer. Some of the material covered in his essays leads to some very interesting background material and coversation. And what makes this guy tick? This is a very good book that is a delight to read and one hates to give too much of it up as the reader should experience these tasty tidbits of humor completely unaware. However, some information does need to be leaked to set the tone for the perspective reader and show just where all Sedaris’ mind is willing to take his readers. The scene will not be exposed in its entireity, only what is absolutely required. Here we go: He and a friend are keeping a list of words and phrases that have been used so much in language that they have lost their true meaning? Topping the list would be “awsome,” (what all does this mean now?), with other banned words being outlawed being “meds,” “bestie,” “bucket list,” “dysfunctional,” “expat,” “cab-sav,” and the verb “do” when used in ordering food. I’ll do the anchoive, artichoke and Andoulie sausage gumbo. As far as phrases go, included at the very top is my all time favorite, or is that all-time least favorite? “It is what is.” Argh. Sedaris adds, “Isn’t that the state motto of South Dakota?” Loved that one. The Fitbit is a timely time piece of humor throughout the book … There is an essay on going to the Psychic … What curses do people in foreign countries yell at bad drivers? The year is 2015, and the obnoxious, rich reality star has thrown his hat in the ring for the Presidential bid … Surely this rediculous blowhard will not be our next President? Who will run with him, the Hamburlglar? And other reasons he is depressed. Calypso is a very enjoyable book that tha lets the mind run free. It is the first book that I have read in quite some time that I have foumd myself laughing outloud. David Sedaris enjoys a very loyal following. I noticed this rather quickly, and, in fact, have two more of his books that I picked up in a used book store. You owe it to yourself to take a break and laugh heartily at book that you are reading. Shall we say 4.2 out of 5?