The Threepenny Opera

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Brecht's work broke box-office records in its original Berlin run, 1928-1933. This 'book' renders every word of the German, including Brecht's notes. 110p.

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  • Prostituion with a heart

    4 out of 5

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    Prostitution, satirical humor, corruption, seediness of society and the beauty of polygamy; all of things are rolled into one when you pick up the Threepenny Opera. An opera unlike any other, it tackles Marxism, treatment of women, playing the system, bribery and thievery and above all else leaves the audience feeling for the man that caused it all in the climax. A tale told through song and costuming during a harsh times, depicting a certain taboo form of living and how people really got along when times were rough. An interesting read if opera is something you enjoy or you are just looking for a good laugh.