Auguries of Innocence


Auguries of Innocence Poetry
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Legendary poet and musician Patti Smith returns with this first collection of poetry in more than a decade. Marking a major accomplishment for the artist, 'Auguries of Innocence' is an intimate but searing collection of poems that respond to the tumultuous times of the modern world. With an eclectic range of influences from Rimbaud to Johnny Appleseed, the collection contains everything from free verse couplets to impressionistic prose poems. Romantic and cathartic these poems add to the mystic of an artist that brought fans such seminal works as 'Horses' and 'Easter.'

Editorial Reviews

Considering that this is Smith's first volume of new poems since 1979, its thinness is startling. Many readers will be tempted to recall an image of Smith carried over from the early 1970s, long before the poetry slams, rap's precursor, delivering up her words with endless surreal variations. With the long-winded free associations pushed to the background here, Smith's interest in Catholicism and mysticism becomes dominant. But the 11-page "Birds of Iraq" is this volume's hidden jewel. The U.S. invasion is ingeniously contrasted with the mother calling out "Can't I have some peace?" to the flock of unruly kids around her. From this point on, whatever Smith says about either her mother or Iraq is brought into mirrored focus, and the simile extends to the rest of her family in other poems that are among her best. These poems are also the simplest and most direct-not bothering with rhyme, cutting out the archaic (or "poetic") sentence structure that mars other poems. For larger collections.-Rochelle Ratner, formerly with Soho Weekly News, New York Copyright 2005 Reed Business Information.

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