Early Work: 1970-1979


Early Work: 1970-1979 Poetry
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Poet, musician, artist, muse - 'stocking feet or barefoot/immensely proud or bent like love' - Patti Smith, rockhead to defy description, brings it all to the page, breathing her inescapable influence to the word, the electric word, the electric word that stirs and dazzles. Get up on it! B&W illus. 180p.

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``An artist wears his work in place of wounds. Here then is a glimpse of the sores of my generation,'' Smith says in a brief introduction. It is in the context of its decade that readers might best appreciate this volume. The writing from the four books gathered here, which seemed so daring in the 1970s, has lost some of its fury, especially when held up against recent performance artists. But this also works to the book's advantage: readers are not shocked as easily, and those who were caught up in their own turmoils during the 1970s can look more objectively at what Smith has to offer. Her stream-of-consciousness style permits superficial stabs at mystical vision, but beneath the sex, drugs, and four-letter words, she reveals a romantic sensibility. Sometimes, as in a magnificent three-page prose meditation on God and her father, everything calmly falls into place. With photos by Robert Mapplethorpe and Judy Linn. Recommended for larger, metropolitan collections.-- Rochelle Ratner, formerly Poetry Editor, ``Soho Weekly News,'' New York Copyright 1994 Cahners Business Information.

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