Strand Books + The Poetry Society of New York

National Poetry Month

Words recorded at The Typewriter Project installation at Strand Bookstore.

The Poetry Society of New York and Strand Book Store Bring Poetry to Life for National Poetry Month

In time for National Poetry Month, this first-time collaboration will include in-store installations of The Poetry Brothel, The Typewriter Project and more!

The Typewriter Project

The Typewriter Project was created by PSNY as a unique way to capture “the subconscious of the city,” will be installed on the main floor of Strand’s famous Union Square location. For the entire month of April, visitors to Strand can contribute their thoughts, poems and streams of consciousness to the typewriter, which is connected to a custom-built USB Typewriter™ kit, allowing every keystroke to be collected, stored, and posted online. Anyone can participate, or check out the collection at or at

The Poetry Brothel

PSNY is known for its delightfully provocative and popular event, The Poetry Brothel, which takes place semi-monthly in New York and in various cities around the world. On April 27th, PSNY will host a truly singular edition of The Poetry Brothel in the Rare Book Room (3rd Floor) of Strand. We’ll kick off with a happy hour (your first drink is on us), from 7-8 pm, and the show will start promptly at 8pm. All attendees will receive a $10 Strand gift card. General Admission Tickets are $50 each and can be purchased on the Strand website. You can also purchase a VIP ticket for $75, which includes a gift bag, 2 private readings, and half-price drinks all night long!

For those new to the concept, The Poetry Brothel is an interactive poetry experience set up as a decadent fin de siècle brothel. Poets performing under pseudonyms offer private, one-on-one poetry readings of their original work in candlelit back rooms.

i am the hum of the shadow i like to leave behind.
find me fading behind the self.
the sun can never kiss at dawn.
—Nkosi Nkululeko, April 4th 2017
The beginning never took
So I skipped ahead
What did I commit to?
I didn’t ask for this
If you knew I would feel this way
Would you have warned me?
my name is ros. E q. Campbell
and i love
it was the way i wish it it was
it was the way his ten thousand yard mid sit
the way his ten thousand yard eyes and smoke smile billowed up
out of my coffee that finally finally finally broke my moth heart.
we come from Israel. NY is nice to visit – hello typewriter.
I’m laying down in bed
I do that a lot, flop down in the laziest
Position so that my body doesn’t ache and my head can rest.
I don’t have to hold any part of myself up

I like that.