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  • Swim, Little Fishy

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    Written by , Posted on at 10:38:42 AM

    Who doesn’t remember the fun of dress up when you were a child? If you were one of the really lucky ones, you found a way to carry that into adulthood. Happy Julian is reading a story about mermaids and has a fierce desire to be like these mythical beings. Julian has discovered fantastically dressed women on the train that he deems are mermaids and there’s no one that’s going to tell him otherwise. In this softly colored book of many hues, we see Julian’s vivid imagination carry him from the subway to an underwater world where his hair is long, lush and flowing, his legs metamorphose into a tail and he meets flamboyantly patterned marine denizens, one of whom hands him a beautiful bit of jewelry. His big-bottomed grandmother, curvaceous with a cloud of white hair deftly mimicked by a cloud in the sky, is a woman of vast love and surprising understanding. While she’s not happy about Julian destroying one of her potted plants, she understands and appreciates his desire to pretend, to be other, to be FABULOUS. The endpapers of this story are as wonderful, vivid and lovely as the story itself and reflect the tale admirably. They are treats in and of themselves and an admirable complement to this story of an creative boy and his doting abuela.