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  • Sapphire Shores

    3 out of 5

    Written by , Posted on at 1:31:50 PM

    Hadley Monroe knows what she wants and isn’t shy about going after it (a very refreshing change). Devon Granger is a solid, down-to-earth type. He’s got money but he doesn’t flaunt it. He’s an actor from L.A. but prefers the quiet serenity to be found on the isolated Sapphire Islands. They’re made for each other and the story backs up the inevitable happy ending for the pair of them. But it’s not entirely an easy road for either of them. He’s thinking about a change in career and getting no support from anybody in the industry. Hadley wants to preserve the local businesses and works hard at her job. But she gets no respect from her brothers who continue to treat her like the baby sister, even though she’s almost thirty. While I could have wanted Hadley to talk about something other than men with her best friend Belinda (the stereotypically brash, honest and sassy type), her conversations with her family were very satisfying. They had advice to give her about business AND her love life. So the book was as one dimensional in tone as with other romances. Devon too had probing talks about where his life was headed and that evened out matters very agreeably. However, a romance without tension, conflict or drama is very boring and the author throws an unexpected but likely monkey wrench into the works. It does cause a mild hiccup but not enough to derail the romance between this lovely pair. The love that grows between these two is sweet yet naughty and has all the satisfaction of affection that grows between adults rather than lust-addled adolescents. All good things come to those who wait…