Alphaville: New York, 1988: Welcome to Heroin City

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Alphaville: New York, 1988: Welcome to Heroin City Crime
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Alphabet city in 1988 burned with heroin, radicalism, and antipolice sentiment. Working as a plainclothes narcotics cop, Mike Codella earned the nickname 'Rambo' and a bounty on his head. The son of a cop who grew up in a mob neighborhood in Brooklyn, Codella understood the unwritten laws of the shadowy businesses that ruled the streets. He knew that the farther east you got from the relative safety of Fifth Avenue, the deeper you entered the sea of human misery, greed, addiction, violence, and all the things that come with an illegal retail drug trade run wild. With his partner, Gio, Codella made it his personal mission to put away Davie Blue Eyes-the head of Alphabet City's heroin supply chain. Despite the hell they endured-all the beatings and gunshots, the foot chases and close calls-Codella and Gio always saw Alphabet City the same way: worth saving.

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