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When the 50 contestants of the Miss Teen Dream Pageant crash on a desert island, the young beauty queens struggle between survival efforts and denial while hoping for rescue and encountering a band of handsome pirates. By the Printz Award-winning author of Going Bovine. Reprint.

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  • Strike a Pose!

    3 out of 5

    Written by , Posted on at 5:16:40 PM

    Oh, it was such a tingle to romp through this tale of girls gone wild! And by wild, we mean back to nature. These adolescents gradually shed their false notions of beauty, belonging and appealing to the hungry eyes of the media when they’re unexpectedly stranded on an island and the results are pointed and funny. There are moments of backbiting and antagonism, unexpected bonding and rising to the challenges of their environment that are enjoyable to read. The women prove resourceful, putting beauty products and their own individual know-how to good use as they tackle their hostile environment and the unknown. A bit of this reads much like comic book hijinks (it’s tough to believe that one Texan beauty queen can take out two trained, gun-toting shoulders with somersaults) but this isn’t meant to be satire. Satire is subtle; this is more like well-honed farce. This is a chick-lit novel that wears its agenda proudly on its sleeve. Without apology (stop saying sorry, ladies!), Ms. Bray has given us a different kind of feminist novel, with gals in combat boots and guys in high heels. Work it, ladies!