Carry On (Simon Snow: Book 1)


Carry On (Simon Snow: Book 1) GLBT

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During his last year at Watford School of Magicks, Simon Snow, the Chosen One, faces a magic-eating monster wearing his face, a break-up, and a missing nemesis.

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  • Poor Excuse for a Chosen One

    4 out of 5

    Written by , Posted on at 12:31:30 PM

    Ms. Rowell has her fantasy tropes firmly under control with this novel that manages to tweak the fantasy genre and pay sly homage to it as well. “Carry On” presents the fantasy romance that fans have longed for ever since they read her “Fangirl” novel where we were introduced to the insufferable Tyrannus Basilton-Pitch and the thoroughly incompetent Chosen One, Simon Snow. Even their names are meant to be a romantic joke! (Pitch and Snow. Get it?) While her name is never mentioned, J. K. Rowling’s influence here is obvious. We have the enigmatic and manipulative Mage who seems all powerful, commanding and whose motivations are suspect to the angry girlfriend, clever best friend, sworn enemy, mysterious attacks, warring families, power struggles, political backbiting, obscure prophecies, curious beasts and a fate for the Chosen One that’s got Destiny written all over it. The book makes bewildering references to other adventures Simon and his friends have endured, which might make newcomers wonder if there are other books about Simon that they’ve missed. Does that mean that a series is in the offering? I don’t think so but certain eager readers will no doubt start concocting their own fanfics. Ms. Rowell’s writing is very crisp and yet on occasion throbs with unexpected passion. The love affair between Simon and Baz isn’t as much of a shock as you would imagine. Given Simon’s obsession with Baz—even when Baz isn’t around, Simon is thinking about him, talking about him, searching for him—when they kiss, you’re not shocked so much as deeply satisfied. (At last. I mean, what took you guys so long?) Homosexuality is actually part of the magical sphere but still rare enough so that people stare when the Chosen One snogs his beau. Ms. Rowell presents it as both matter of fact and startling, a reflection of the changing mores of the actual world. It’s not a cheap shot meant to astonish the reader but the catalyst for Simon and Baz’s interactions. Certain things simply couldn’t happen unless they fell in love and thus their affair has the inevitability of a hurricane. This is by no means simply a sweet little romance or a fantasy book. It celebrates both and yet transcends these genres. The ending is by no means certain and the plot unpredictable. It’s a grand ride either way and deserves second and third readings. Carry on, Ms. Rowell.