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Marvel 1602 Marvel
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Things in England become chaotic after Queen Elizabeth's death, and Nicholas Fury, Otto Von Doom, and the other superheroes must decide whether to stay in England or emigrate to America with a young girl and her Indian protector.

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This marvelous oversized hardcover by the acclaimed Gaiman (Sandman) takes the Marvel superheroes and villains of the 1960s-the original X-Men, Daredevil, Dr. Doom, and many others-and places them in the early 17th century. While the Inquisition burns mutants at the stake, English spymaster Nicholas Fury and royal physician Dr. Stephen Strange confer with an ailing Queen Elizabeth about a powerful treasure of the Knights Templar that must be brought to England for safekeeping-and about the strange weather patterns that some feel portend the end of the world. Part of the fun of a book like this is seeing familiar characters in surprising new guises, and Gaiman doesn't disappoint on that score. But he also provides a highly enjoyable story of alliances and betrayals, of misdirection and revelation, with a more sf basis than the fantasies he is known for. (Readers should avoid the introduction, which gives away too much.) Marvel fans will be thrilled with the book, while Gaiman fans are likely to be split, with some finding it too slight-but it's strongly recommended for all collections, for teens and adults. Copyright 2005 Reed Business Information.

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