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"My method for discerning a really good read is whether or not I become unconscious of the world around me while reading. A minute or so after beginning this marvelous little graphic novel the noisy world outside my fourth avenue studio evaporated. I found myself delightfully traversing the satirical and charmingly animated world of UNI Hall Comics latest creation. It is a real work of art. There is a really fine democratic equilibrium between the satirically saturated prose of Mike Wood and the sensitive, minimalist drawing style of Ed Suckling. The writing can often be sharp-witted and the drawing is always bravura cartooning. Please note the lowest left panel on page 37. The eyes of the Dylan character! This is really emotive cartooning.

A little masterpiece of a graphic novel created by two future masters of this rather new art form. I’m eagerly awaiting part 2."--Robb P., Art Department Staff

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  • More madcap mayhem from Suckling and Wood!

    5 out of 5

    Written by , Posted on at 12:47:22 PM

    As a long time fan of their web comics, like "You, me, let's hug" and "Heather," I've been looking forward to another creative collaboration between these two visionaries, and “Party Animals” does not disappoint. It has all the trappings of the bizarre, offbeat comedy adventures we've come to expect from these knuckleheads, including: raving zealots, absurd set pieces, wild equine encounters, socialite philanthropists, courtroom melodrama and prison softball...all anchored by, Annie, the well-meaning, big-titted everygirl protagonist, whose undaunted optimism continually fuels the narrative tone with a buoyancy that elevates even the more harrowing bits in the story to a level of farcical realism not often encountered in modern literature. Being part 1 in a series, the story ends on an obligatory cliffhanger, which has me already impatient for more. Given the main character’s profession, I’m hoping, in particular, for more of the patented courtroom tumult and chicanery we’ve come to know and love from Wood’s earlier works, like the classic and critically acclaimed legal farce, “Dan!” But, regardless, one thing’s for sure, this comic delivers if you’re in the mood for a madcap comedy caper filled with equal parts intrigue and insanity. Don't let the title fool you, "Party Animals" doesn't monkey around, and neither should you...Read it!