Paying For It: A Comic-Strip Memoir About Being a John

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Paying For It: A Comic-Strip Memoir About Being a John Comics/Graphic Novels
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PAYING FOR IT demystifies the experience of participating in the market for paid sex. Chester Brown offers the perspective of one consumer in the often-condemned marketplace with humor and honesty. The book ends with commentary: a de facto treatise on sexual rights that corroborates this sometimes painfully honest account of Chester’s time, reasons and experiences paying for sex. With Notes. Black-and-white illustrations throughout. 280p.

Strand Staff Reviews

"Controversial. Yeah. I think that's going to be the word thrown around most when talking about this new graphic novel from Chester Brown. In the pages of this book, Chester Brown retells the end of his last 'romantic love' relationship and his subsequent series of relationships with various 'escorts' that continue to this day, sort of. At its best, this book is a very personal and honest look at type of relationship that is rarely seen without dramatization. There is an agenda to this book, but a major part of that agenda is to represent prostitution and those who patronize it without any Hollywood glamor or family-values scorn. Chester's artwork does wonders for this goal as well. His dry, simple sense of cartooning eliminates so much of those superfluous details, that we end up focusing on what's important; the interaction of these people. Also, if your further interested in the idea of decriminalization of prostitution, Chester includes a very thorough set of appendixes on the subject. This isn't one of those books that's easy to like or dislike. It's the kind that opens you up to the thoughts and lives of people you may never have thought to empathize with, and that, I often find, it what great books are here for." -- Colin M., Art Department Staff 

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