Popular Mechanics Combat: The Great American Warplanes


Popular Mechanics Combat: The Great American Warplanes Aviation
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Popular Mechanics has been the leading authority on how the world works for nearly a century, and now the magazine's unparalleled experts are turning their attention to the skies. Here are 40 warplanes, from classic models right up to the present, all selected for their technological innovation, combat performance, and notable contributions to military flight. They're identified by major categories--bombers, fighters, attack planes, helicopters--with the inside story on what made each famous. In addition to more than 150 photographs, intricate color and black-and-white cutaway illustrations offer up-close glimpses of what's "under the hood." Along with the images, explanations delve into the history and evolution of each type; boxed sidebars provide vital statistics about designation, wingspan, weight, speed, range, and more. Bonus: the most accurate and detailed cutaway of the famed B-2 Stealth Bomber ever published!

About the Author
As science editor of Popular Mechanics, Jim Wilson directs the magazine's coverage of aviation, aerospace, and military news. He has written extensively about combat aircraft for assignments that have taken him from the flight decks of Navy carriers to the cockpits of Air Force fighters.

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