The 123s of ABC in SAP: Using SAP R/3 to Support Activity-Based Costing


The 123s of ABC in SAP: Using SAP R/3 to Support Activity-Based Costing Accounting
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Activity-Based Costing (ABC), a method that measures the cost andperformance of activities, resources, and cost objects, is becomingincreasingly adopted in today's market as more and more companiesrealize that the current generation of systems can efficientlysupport it. As companies continue to make a huge investment of bothmoney and effort in their SAP system, they seek ways to incorporatethe benefits of Activity-Based Costing into their current SAPsystem.

The 123s of ABC in SAP shows corporations exactly how the ABCapproach can be effectively incorporated into today's SAP systems.While SAP training teaches what buttons in the system to push andABC courses and workshops teach the philosophy, consultants DawnSedgley and Christopher Jackiw provide the first documentation onhow to apply the ABC philosophy to the SAP costing engine-in short, how to use the tool to support the ideas.

The book is designed for readers with advanced knowledge of the ABCframework but does not assume the reader has any familiarity withthe SAP R/3 application. In clear, nontechnical language, theauthors provide a basic explanation of SAP R/3, specifically, theControlling Module (CO) including the CO-ABC component. The SAP-COmodule, which is the costing engine of the system, is based on theGerman costing philosophy, which is being augmented and repackagedunder the name Resource Consumption Accounting for the U.S. market.You will learn the difference between the American and Germanphilosophies, the benefits of using them together, and whatmanagement decision information they can provide.

To assist you in grasping the concepts, the book takes a pictorialapproach. Illustrations are also completely linked and built upon, effectively generating a large-scale case study whose lessons youcan apply to your needs.

As large companies shift to enhancement-type projects once theirSAP implementations have been completed, effective implementationof SAP ABC will become ever more critical to the success of yourcompany. A must for CFOs, controllers, cost managers, SAP projectmanagers, SAP-C level leaders, and SAP-CO team members, The 123s ofABC in SAP will provide valuable answers to the critical question,"How can I maximize my investment in my SAP R/3 system?"

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