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Make a great impression and win your dream job!

Your resume got your foot in the door, but now comes the hard part-interviewing for the job. Don't worry! With The Interview Kit, Third Edition, you can walk into any employment interview with the confidence, preparation, and attitude to succeed.

Bestselling career guru Richard Beatty has shown thousands of job seekers how to navigate the employment maze successfully. In this revised and updated edition, you'll learn to use proven sales techniques to make sure the interviewer sees the very best you have to offer. With answers to over 500 tough questions and strategies on what to say and how to say it, you may never be tongue-tied again. This practical, reassuring guide leads you step by step through the interview process, showing you how to:

  • Develop an interview strategy that sets you apart from the herd of job seekers
  • Research a potential employer's products, marketing strategy, management style, and financial picture
  • Control the interview to your advantage
  • Maximize your strengths and minimize your weaknesses
  • Handle the toughest questions
  • Conduct mid-interview damage control-including helpful tips and tricks to avoid traps and pitfalls
  • Take the initiative and ask penetrating questions that impress employers
  • Sell yourself in the interview

With new chapters on following up the interview and negotiating benefits and salary, The Interview Kit, Third Edition is your personal coach for succeeding in any interview and leaving the kind of lasting impression that wins jobs!

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