The Moon is Going to Addy's House


The Moon is Going to Addy's House Picture Books
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The moon follows Addy all over the city before finally settling in at her house for bedtime.

Editorial Reviews

Addy spots the moon as she leaves her city play date and marvels as it follows her all the way back to her country home. Cut-paper collages construct both urban and woodsy landscapes that throb with vitality. The papers (marbled, speckled, dotted, in floral and geometric designs) cohere effortlessly, creating wonderfully intoxicating illustrations. Their patterns undulate and swirl, producing roiling energy that describes both a city neighborhood humming with strollers, scooters, dogs, and skipping children as well as a windswept, buggy nighttime car ride back home to the country. Children will dote on details nestled in each illustration: flashy feathers on a blackbird's wing, apartment tenants perched in their windows, folds and patterns in clothing, the arch of a boat's sail. The moon remains ever present, popping up in different sizes, hues, quadrants of the sky. Breathtaking double-page spreads (in unabashed pinks, purples, and blues) show the moon duplicated, reflected, and enlarged across expanses of sky. Readers, like Addy, feel tethered to Pearle's moon and to her masterful pictures that manage to communicate the comforting reciprocity found in its presence. Back home, under a gigantic pulsing-pink moon, Addy understands, "It waits and watches over me, / always. Exquisite, electrifying, soothing, and soporific, brilliant in color and execution, this book beams. (Picture book. 2-8) Copyright Kirkus 2015 Kirkus/BPI Communications.All rights reserved.

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