What If It's Us

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What If It's Us Adam Silvera

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  • What If It's Not

    3 out of 5

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    This book starts off with a meet-cute moment with an out-of-towner bumping into a guy trying to mail back his ex-boyfriend’s things in a box. (Gee, why not hand it over to him in class? He sees the guy practically every day in summer school.) The two are smitten but Ben disappears and Arthur decides to take steps to find him. The book is a tender, if predictable, story of how these two guys try to hook up again, fumble with understandings and misunderstandings and engage in all the mumbled monosyllabic conversations that adolescents seem to favor in these novels. Ben and Arthur are lively, likable fellows (although Arthur occasionally seems incredibly needy) but their uncertainty sometimes made me irritated. The affair seemed both rather slow to get going and rather rushed. They only had a very short time together and their emotions seemed rather overblown considering the meager period they had to get to know one another. I was also a little bored at their constant babbling about what the universe wanted for them. I kept hoping that one or other of their myriad acquaintances would state that the universe didn’t give a flying crap about whether two adolescents out of a planetary population of six billion on a minor dirtball spinning around an insignificant sun in a galaxy all the way on the short end of an unpopulated stellar cloud actually fell in love and/or had sex. But, no, that didn’t happen. Acting as if the universe cared about such a thing would be like acting as if the universe cared whether you were stung by a mosquito and slapped the little bugger. Whose interest is the universe acting in in such an instant? Yours or the insect? So the pleasure of reading this novel is in ignoring the babblings about the universe and reading these lads connect with each other, their individual speeches, their encouraging friends and solving the problem of how to make a friend who has become a lover and ex-lover back into a friend again. (You don’t think such things are possible but this novel could make you a believer.) Peppered with the typical preponderance of “cool” and “weird” and continual references to the musical “Hamilton” as well as a suspiciously J.K. Rowling concept rip-off, “What If It’s Us” is a genial way of passing the time immersed in a YA novel. It’s not great but it’s not completely terrible either.