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In a nonfiction marketplace dominated by generic and hackneyed how-to real estate books, this rare find stands out from the crowd. Author Scott Taylor's groundbreaking new book, The 15-Minute Landlord, brings an original and innovative voice to the real-estate nonfiction market. Unlike other books on how to be a landlord, Taylor's work is concise and succinct. The reader's time and patience are not wasted with overblown claims, cute cartoons, meandering anecdotes, or filler. This material keeps to the task, builds on a progression of ideas and skills, and ultimately delivers what it promises, namely: an easy to read, easy to follow, and easy to understand resource for landlords. By explaining the conflicting expectations inherent to rental property ownership, and introducing the principles of "Prioritize, Systemize, and Capitalize", the reader is given the essential skills necessary to become a successful landlord. Designed for aspiring or experienced landlords alike, The 15-Minute Landlord breaks the how-to mold by relying on proven tools and techniques as presented through these principles, not hype and sales jargon. Author Taylor has created a guidebook that teaches entrepreneurs not only how to treat the enterprise as a thriving business venture, but also how to avoid the myriad pitfalls and potholes that plague so many landlords today. Written with a practical astuteness and sensitivity to the beginner's needs, The 15-Minute Landlord delivers a contemporary and invaluable perspective on conceiving, building, and launching a successful career as a landlord and property owner.

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