The Little Prince Refugees and Migrants

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An aviator whose plane is forced down in the Sahara Desert encounters a little prince from a small planet who relates his adventures in seeking the secret of what is important in life.

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  • reminding us to sometimes see and live like a child

    5 out of 5

    Written by , Posted on at 6:29:19 PM

    I am a twenty year old student at hunter college and only recently have I realized the value and beauty in childrens stories. The Little Prince immediately captures you whether you're an adult or a child and reminds you the beauty that children color the world with. If you're just tip toe-ing into adulthood (as I am) or have been living in the adult world for some time now, you should take a seat and read The Little Prince, it will quickly remind you of the things that matter in life. "it is only with the heart one can see rightly. what is essential is invisible to the eye"; this quote touched me deeply and now has a very special place in my heart. As a young instructor I use literature to help relate the concepts and ideas of the practice and I can't wait to share my experience of reading this book with my friends and family.

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