The "You" Effect


The "You" Effect Sales & Marketing
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The marketing game has changed ...But many high-level executives behind big brands and major corporations still haven't noticed. They're blinded by a desire to showcase the greatness behind their companies.That's okay, though, because this ego-based marketing approach means more opportunity for you.The reality is the Internet has transformed the buying process. Your prospects actively hunt online for solutions to their problems. So they're more educated about your product or service than ever before. Today, your role as a marketer is similar to a publisher. You must produce and deliver valuable content when and where your prospects need it. What works is focusing on your prospects' problems. What fails is force-feeding facts about what you sell.All it takes is a simple change in your perspective on prospects to position yourself as an industry authority, deliver higher returns on your marketing investments, and reach larger audiences with less effort.If you want your marketing to deliver different results, you must be willing to do something different.Are you ready?

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