100 Days from Home


100 Days from Home Science Fiction & Fantasy
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Jacob Frye is haunted. Haunted by his past, and haunted by the present. A dedicated journalist and the most unlikely of heroes, Frye has volunteered to take on the most dangerous assignment of his career. The year is 2406 and humanity is engaged in a desperate struggle for possession of a metropolis called Volengrad City on a planet designated Q-781. The final battle in a besieged star system is to be fought over the industrial epicenter and Frye is there to cover the historical invasion. His assignment takes him on a dark journey into the trenches where he befriends the soldiers of a platoon that is hurled into the most vicious battles of the conflict. Frye is reeducated by the humble frontline troops of the Alliance as the meanings of courage, honor, and sacrifice are redefined by the onslaught of destruction, and friendships are forged in the fires of combat. Frye’s life unravels as he is forced to watch his new friends make the ultimate sacrifice for the liberation of a society light years from home. Jacob Frye went to get a story without realizing that he became the story as he slid from non-combatant observer to the hardened role of soldier where he learns the most important lesson of all: that no matter how a war may crush cities and tear planets apart, the resilience of the human spirit’s quest for peace can never be stifled, and that courage is the beacon that shines in the darkest hours of humanity. 100 Days From Home is Frye’s recollection of his experiences as a combat correspondent in the distant future. Eventually he must return home and face what he feared more than the war itself…his memories of it.*This hard copy contains the complete work:-Book-1: Hard Rain-Book-2: The Fall of Because-And (1) bonus chapter not found in the Kindle edition*

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