The "E" Word Self-help
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The E Word, the first installment in the Dirty Word series, explores through poignant personal stories and detailed observations the relationship between a false sense of Entitlement and the failure to meet expectations. Stacey Martin, in her début offering, has transformed more than twenty years of management experience and personal success into a recipe that anyone struggling with entitlement can follow. Her candid revelations, insightful reflections, and straightforward honesty and appeal create a powerful and moving testament to the importance of a positive attitude, an open mind, and of making meaningful contributions to the creation and maintenance of real sense of personal self worth. While in the first half of this work the focus is solidly placed on recognizing the issue of entitlement and on identifying the real life problems it causes, the greatest value enclosed is the simple and straightforward suggestions offered on how to overcome this adversity. Aimed at not only those struggling with entitlement, but also at those who love and enable, this book offers a starting point for important, difficult, and perhaps painful conversations. Everyone seems to know someone who can use a wake up call as to how entitlement has become a destructive force in their life. Now, help is available in an easy to follow manuscript full of touching stories and personal examples. Responses from readers: “A page turner.”“Easy to read.”“I couldn’t put it down!”“More please.”“Now I know I am not alone in this struggle, someone else has gone before me.”

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