1001 Inspirational Quotes for Entrepreneurs


1001 Inspirational Quotes for Entrepreneurs Small Business
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For an entrepreneur, Entrepreneurship is a more than way of life; it is a religion. Amazingly there was, until now, no collection of inspirational quotes for entrepreneurs. (They always seemed to be a footnote in big books and were not selected by entrepreneurs, that's for sure!)As an entrepreneur myself, I had collected these quotes over the years to keep me cheerful. One Holiday Season, I decided to pull them all together into a book to give my entrepreneur friends for whom I couldn't afford to buy a present. Years later, I went to visit an entrepreneur friend I had lost contact with and he still had a copy of this book on his bedside table, with coffee rings on it. He said he liked to read a few quotations every evening just before he went to sleep. That's when I realized that other entrepreneurs like you might find these quotes useful. This is that book. This book will also be useful for anyone working with entrepreneurs and small businesses, both as a corporate gift and as a source of quotes of speeches. PS. This book, with 1001 quotes, combines the quotes in my other books "The Quotable Entrepreneur", "Shake the Damned Tree!", and "Fortune Favors the Bold", each of whch has 365 quotes and is available at $9.95.

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