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Born in Brooklyn, raised in Manhattan, Sofia can’t seem to stop buying books. She’s always waist-deep in comics, kids, and fantasy books, and will read anything that remotely intrigues her. She adores queer narratives, weird sci-fi, and any story that makes her gasp aloud.

She’s always hungry.

Sofia N's Reviews

Satoshi Kon's Opus

by: Satoshi Kon

What is fiction? What is reality?' These lines blur together as Chikara Nagai fumbles for an ending to his manga, tumbling headfirst into the story he has wrestled with for years. Master storyteller Satoshi Kon threads together the lives of the creator and the creation as they race to stop both a serial killer and the dissolution of their world. Compelling characters, desperate stakes, and an ending that makes you forget to breathe, Opus is a work of art.

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The Golden Compass

by: Philip Pullman

Beautifully written, with endless adventure, wit, and twists, The Golden Compass unfolds as Lyra Belaqua travels across the globe in search of her best friend Rodger. As she learns about her past and her importance to the future of her world, she grows to do whatever she can to find ashlars, even if it risks her life. The second and third books are just as amazing and equally well-done, and I can’t help but reread the series every year!

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by: Junji Ito

A horror manga that follows Kirie and Shuichi as they discover the supernatural curse on their town. As spirals appear more and more, their reality begins to dissolve, leaving them no one to rely on but each other. Unlike most horror manga, Kirie is the protagonist, getting caught up in countless situations in her town before she begins to actually get to the bottom of things! I can only hope to have the kind of nerves she has!

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Ganesha's Sweet Tooth

by: Sanjay Patel and Emily Haynes

Super cute and colorful, Patel reimagines Ganesha and his role in the Hindu epic Mahabharata through this picture book. When Ganesha breaks his tusk on a jawbreaker, he believes everything is over and he’s ugly forever. But a helpful mouse and an old poet named Vyasa teach Ganesha that even broken things can create something beautiful. Charming and sweet, I can’t help but show off this book to everyone!

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