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A wannabe Kevin Brockmeier/Karen Russell lovechild, Alex is inspired by twists - fantastical or otherwise - on reality that bring out new qualities in classic characters and in our real-life societies. He hopes to emulate the people he wishes were his blood parents through his writing if only to utilize his experiences of having a spectacularly cosmic joke of a life.

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Diary of an Oxygen Thief

by: Anonymous

Outrageous, in the best way. Perfect use of an unreliable narrator to leave a cynical and culturally appropriate aftertaste.

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  • The Portable Veblen

    By Elizabeth Mckenzie

    Our Price: $13.00
    • Format: Hardcover
    • ISBN-13: 9781594206856
    • Publisher: Penguin Press
    • Published: January 2016
    "A young couple on the brink of marriage--the charming Veblen and her fiancâe Paul, a brilliant neurologist--find their engagement in danger of collapse. Along the way they weather everything from each other's dysfunctional families, to the attentions ofa seductive pharmaceutical heiress, to an intimate tãete-áa-tãete with a very charismatic squirrel. Veblen (named after the iconoclastic economist Thorstein Veblen, who coined the term "conspicuous consumption") is one of the most refreshing heroines in recent fiction. Not quite liberated from the burdens of her hypochondriac, narcissistic mother and her institutionalized father, Veblen is an amateur translator and "freelance self"; in other words, she's adrift. Meanwhile, Paul--the product of good hippies who were bad parents--finds his ambition soaring. His medical research has led to the development of a device to help minimize battlefield brain trauma--an invention that gets him swept up in a high-stakes deal with the Department of Defense, a BizarroWorld that McKenzie satirizes with granular specificity"--