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This is, in no way, your typical writing technique book. It is a beautiful collection of essays for anyone who has ever followed a dream. Bradbury’s passion is infectious and will leave you feeling inspired to go attack whatever your creative pursuit may be, with gusto.

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Tyler M

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The Sheltering Sky is an unabashed & self-conscious exploration of the American experience abroad. Examining the interconnectivity of landscape & culture, the novel follows three Americans through the harshness of the North African desert. The impassibility of the desert is exposed as something beyond its acrimonious heat & immeasurable horizons: as dune after dune of sand is traversed, town after town odyssey'd through, the construction of the human is whittled into its barest form. The result is at once a bitter mirror & an insightful window into our world.

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Sofia N

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What is fiction? What is reality?' These lines blur together as Chikara Nagai fumbles for an ending to his manga, tumbling headfirst into the story he has wrestled with for years. Master storyteller Satoshi Kon threads together the lives of the creator and the creation as they race to stop both a serial killer and the dissolution of their world. Compelling characters, desperate stakes, and an ending that makes you forget to breathe, Opus is a work of art.

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For Colored Girls is a synthesis of poetry and drama, music and dance, in much the same way that Sophocles or Shakespeare is, yet in a modern, deeply female and intensely personal way that offers a compelling portrait of the Black female experience. And it's just beautifully written and executed, which in itself makes it worth reading. Shange transforms raw life into a gorgeously enunciated high art.

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John Williams' Augustus is a read as epic as the time it takes place in. Poignant first person narrative as told by several character; including, my favorite, Julia, banished daughter of Augustus. She is a wonderful representation of helpless, but resolute, femininity in antiquity.

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Humanity has banded together to escape a dying world. In a society where every person born has a role, Gold rules while every other color bows down. For 700 years Darrow and his people, the lowly Reds have dug. To all others, they are as insignificant as an ant. Beat down. Shamed. Reds unite to fight on equal grounds and rise.

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Spencer R

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One of Agatha Christie's own personal favorites, this classic whodunit features some of her most delectable characters...and certainly one of her most shocking and controversial plot twists. This often overlooked mystery is classy, engaging, and baffling from beginning to end. Keep an eye out for the film version starring Glenn Close!.

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This book will immerse you into an alternate universe that is thought-provoking yet incredibly clever. Mastai will take you on a journey filled with lovable characters and many twists! I was hooked from the beginning.

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