Introducing Strand's First e-Reader

Meet Strindle

The Strand Experience, In your Pocket

Search our 18 miles of e-books for a title

Strindle will add that book to your library

Or a book pretty similar to that book

Or a book a Strand employee says is way better than that book

Plus six or seven other books you didn't know you wanted but now have

Browse Strindle's selection of e-Totes to carry the e-Books in your e-Reader.

It's not necessary, but everyone uses them

so you might as well too.

Strindle Public Display

Most e-Readers force you to forgo the most important aspect of real books - showing off how smart you are to strangers on the subway.

Strindle's rear screen automatically displays the title of a very impressive and grown-up book

whether you're actually reading it or not.

That Familar Smell

Don't sacrifice that familar book smell. Strindle's adjustable vial of concentrated Vintage Book Musk Oil© keeps your reading experience as fragrant as you want it to be.

Water Resistance


Strindle WILL dissolve in water - just like a real book

Infinite Battery Life

Strindle never runs out of battery - it's powered by the white-hot rage of book lovers all over the world.

Coming Soon
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April Fools!

Strand is still dedicated to selling paper books to avid readers and book lovers everywhere.

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