Terry McMillan's Bookshelf


  • A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius

    By Dave Eggers

    Our Price: $7.50 - $14.35
    • Format: Paperback
    • ISBN-13: 9780375725784
    • Publisher: Vintage Books
    • Published: February 2001
    As original a memoir as exists in recent American literature - the sheer poignancy of the author's grieving for a mother and father, both succumbing to cancer within a month of each other, and his arduous compassion in assuming the care of his younger brother - the book takes on new life in its present paperback edition: a new appendix correcting and updating the original, an upside-down back cover creating a book that seems to open from either end, and three different versions, each with its own cover illustration. 485p. Pap. 'A merciless book' - David Foster Wallace.
  • All Over But the Shoutin'

    By Rick Bragg

    Our Price: $16.00
    • Format: Paperback
    • ISBN-13: 9780679774020
    • Publisher: Vintage Books
    • Published: September 1998
    A correspondent for "The New York Times" recounts growing up in the Alabama hills, the son of a violent veteran and a mother who tried to insulate her children from poverty and ignorance
  • Among Other Things, I've Taken Up Smoking

    By Aoibheann Sweeney

    Our Price: $15.00
    • Format: Paperback
    • ISBN-13: 9780143113416
    • Publisher: Penguin Books
    • Published: June 2008
    Raised by a brilliant but elusive scholar father after the abandonment of her mother at the age of three, Miranda emerges from a childhood marked by loneliness and a vivid fantasy life when she is sent away to live with her father's friends in Manhattan. Reprint.
  • Before You Suffocate Your Own Fool Self

    By Danielle Evans

    Our Price: $14.40
    • Format: Paperback
    • ISBN-13: 9781594485367
    • Publisher: Riverhead Trade
    • Published: September 2011
    Fearless, funny, and ultimately tender, Danielle Evans’s eight stories offer a bold new perspective on the experience of being young and African-American or mixed-race in modern-day America. They feature young women and men who find themselves straddling the divide between cultures, classes, relationships, and ideas about who they are and what they want to be. In each of these stories, Evans explores the nonwhite American experience with honesty, wisdom, and humor. They are striking in their emotional immediacy, based in a world where inequality is a reality, but where the insecurities of young adulthood and tensions within family are often the more complicating factors. 232p.
  • Brief Interviews with Hideous Men: Stories

    By David Foster Wallace

    Our Price: $8.50 - $15.29
    • Format: Paperback
    • ISBN-13: 9780316925198
    • Publisher: Back Bay Books
    • Published: April 2000
    David Foster Wallace has made an art of taking readers into places no other writer even gets near. In this exuberantly acclaimed collection he combines hilarity and an escalating disquiet in stories that astonish, entertain, and expand our ideas of the pleasures that fiction can afford.
  • Cane

    By Jean Toomer

    Our Price: $14.35
    • Format: Paperback
    • ISBN-13: 9780871402103
    • Publisher: Liveright
    • Published: June 2011
    First published in 1923, Jean Toomer’s CANE is an innovative literary work – part drama, part poetry, part fiction – powerfully evoking black life in the South. Rich in imagery, Toomer’s impressionistic, sometimes surrealistic sketches of Southern rural and urban life are permeated by visions of smoke, sugarcane, dusk, and fire; the Northern world is pictured as a harsher reality of asphalt streets. This iconic work is published with a new afterword containing groundbreaking biographical information on the author, placing his writing within the context of the Harlem Renaissance, and examining his pioneering critique of race and shifting claims about his own race. 245p.
  • Conception: A Novel

    By Kalisha Buckhanon

    Our Price: $20.99
    • Format: Paperback
    • ISBN-13: 9780312545147
    • Publisher: ST. MARTIN'S PRESS
    • Published: January 2008
    Following in her single mother's footsteps by becoming pregnant at fifteen, Shivana believes that all black women fall into the same trap until she meets Rasul, a teenager with his own problems, and forges a friendship with him.
  • Delta of Venus: Erotica

    By Anais Nin

    Our Price: $7.50 - $13.45
    • Format: Paperback
    • ISBN-13: 9780156029032
    • Publisher: Harvest / Harcourt, Inc.
    • Published: February 2004
    Here, Nin penned a lush, magical world where the characters of her imagination possess the most universal of desires and exceptional of talents. Among these provocative stories , a Hungarian adventurer seduces wealthy women then vanishes with their money; a veiled woman selects strangers from a chic restaurant for private trysts; and a Parisian hatmaker named Mathilde leaves her husband for the opium dens of Peru. 286p.
  • Eight Men

    By Richard A. Wright

    Our Price: $5.95
    • Format: Paperback
    • ISBN-13: 9780061450181
    • Publisher: HarperCollins
    • Published: May 2008
    Each of these eight stories focuses on a black man at violent odds with a white world, reflecting Richard Wright's views about racism in American society and his fascination with what he called 'the struggle of the individual in Americas.' Poignant and gripping. 242p.
  • Ellen Foster

    By Kaye Gibbons

    Our Price: $15.95
    • Format: Paperback
    • ISBN-13: 9781616203023
    • Publisher: Algonquin Books
    • Published: October 2012
    Winner of the American Academy of Arts and Letters' Sue Kaufman Prize for First Fiction and of the Ernest Hemingway Foundation's Citation for Fiction. An eleven-year-old heroine tells her unforgettable story with honesty, perceptivity, humor, and unselfconscious heroism. "The honesty of thought and eye and feeling and word!"--Eudora Welty; "A lovely, breathtaking, sometimes heart-wrenching first novel."--Walker Percy. A LITERARY GUILD SELECTION.
  • Gathering of Waters

    By Bernice L. McFadden

    Our Price: $15.95
    • Format: Paperback
    • ISBN-13: 9781617750311
    • Publisher: Akashic Books
    • Published: January 2012
    Tass Hilson, the girlfriend of Emmett Till, leaves the town of Money, Mississippi, after Emmett's murder and relocates to Detroit where she lives out her life for forty years, until something calls her back to Money.
  • Gone Fishin'

    Our Price: $16.00
    • Format: Paperback
    • ISBN-13: 9780743451758
    • Published: September 2002
    This late encounter with the early Easy offers a powerfully raw lyrical coming-of-age story. Features an original Easy Rawlins short story, 'Smoke.' 199p.
  • Haircut and Other Stories

    Our Price: $14.95
    • Format: Paperback
    • ISBN-13: 9780020223443
    • Publisher: Collier Books / Macmillan Publishing Company
    • Published: September 1991
    Sarcastic, sometimes bitter but always ironic, Lardner understood the desires, dreams and disappointments of Americans. This volume contains con men, an opinionated small-town barber, a nurse who chatters on & on, much to the chagrin of her charges, baseball players who have excuses for everything, and boxers who try to make it in the ring. 190p.
  • Hand I Fan With

    By Tina McElroy Ansa

    Our Price: $16.95
    • Format: Paperback
    • ISBN-13: 9780385476010
    • Publisher: Random House Inc
    • Published: January 1998
    At age forty-five, Lena McPherson tires of being a single woman in her hometown of Mulberry, Georgia, so she and a friend conjure the spirit of a one-hundred-year-old ghost to serve as her companion
  • Homeland: And Other Stories

    By Barbara Kingsolver

    Our Price: $14.99
    • Format: Paperback
    • ISBN-13: 9780062277749
    • Publisher: Harper Perennial
    • Published: May 2013