12 Tone Music of Luigi Dallapiccola


12 Tone Music of Luigi Dallapiccola Theory
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Luigi Dallapiccola was one of twentieth century's most accomplished and admired composers. His music incorporated many of the twelve-tone techniques developed by Arnold Schoenberg, Alban Berg, and Anton von Webern, but blended their expressionistic impulses with an Ital-ianate sense of lyricism. Brian Alegant's The Twelve-Tone Music of Luigi Dallapiccola traces the evolution of Dallapiccola's compositional technique over a thirty-year period (1942-74). Using both historical and music-analytical lenses, this book documents the influences of Webern and Schoenberg (many of which have not been previously disclosed), and highlights Dallapiccola's innovative handling of harmony, form, and text setting.

The Twelve-Tone Music of Luigi Dallapiccola sheds light on several works that have been virtually ignored and provides a long-needed account of Dallapiccola's idiosyncratic approach to twelve-tone composition. The first part of the book builds a conceptual and theoretical framework for the analysis of his twelve-tone music. The second part provides a fuller picture of his harmonic language and his penchant for text setting.

Alegant's Dallapiccola book will be a crucial source of insights for readers-theorists, musicologists, composers, conductors, performers, pedagogues---who are interested in twentieth-century music in general and postwar Italian music and the Second Viennese School in particular.

"Alegant's sophisticated, accessible analyses deeply enrich our understanding of one of the most fascinating sound worlds from the twentieth century. The Twelve-Tone Music of Luigi Dallpiccola is a major achievement."--- Christoph Neidhofer, associate professor (music theory), Schulich School of Music, McGill University.

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