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The acclaimed novelist (Everything Is Illulminated, Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close) travels to the darkest corners of our dining habits. Foer raises the unspoken question behind every fish we eat,.every chicken we fry, and every burger we grill. Part memoir and part investigative report, EATING ANIMALS is a book that secures Foer 'a place at the table with our greatest philosophers.' 368p.Pap.

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  • Pass the Veggie Burgers

    5 out of 5

    Written by , Posted on at 10:22:13 AM

    Mr. Foer had a son. Faced with the uncomfortable prospect of explaining to his child why we eat some animals and not others, he set out on a journey to understand the world’s obsession with eating meat, whether we need to eat meat and how exactly our meat is being processed. The facts he uncovers is hardly new but the results of his in-depth and total immersion into the subject is still shocking, disturbing and stomach wrenching. He doesn’t demand that people give up eating meat only that they give grave consideration as to whether eating animal flesh is worth it. He lays out the cost to the animal (brutal living conditions we wouldn’t subject a criminal to), the damage to the environment (run-off and emissions from factory farms frequently pollute ground water and the air, e.g.) and the ultimate cost to human beings (meat and dairy hasn’t been proved to be particularly beneficial and it’s well known that vegetarians live long, healthy lives with fewer diseases than omnivores). That having been stated, he then goes on to show that it’s possible to eat meat from dedicated old-time farmers who make certain the animals live clean, healthy lives just the way animals should. While Mr. Foer has decided to become 100% vegetarian, he does concede that meat has a powerful allure and fascination that vegetables do not. He understands that the world will not wake up and become vegetarian in this generation or even the next no matter what his personal tastes are. He merely lays out his findings and conclusions in a rational, calm tone that avoids preaching or shrill proselytizing.