A Boy from Ireland: A Novel (Karen and Michael Braziller Books)


A Boy from Ireland: A Novel (Karen and Michael Braziller Books) Young Adult - Historical Fiction
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Liam is growing up in Connemara, Ireland in 1901. Years ago his English father disappeared, and recently tragedy struck again when his mother died. That is why Liam and his sistr are living in Connemara with their uncle, a fierce patriot who hates the English, even despising Liam for his English blood. As Liam is bullied, he begins to be drawn into a centuries-old battle. When the three family members leave Ireland for New York City, the siblings hope to find their father and leave all troubles behind. On the streets of Hell's Kitchen, Liam finds a job and is amazed by the new people. He soon realizes that finding his father will be dangerous, and bad blood is hard to escape from. (Ages 12 and up).

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