7 Days At the Hot Corner


7 Days At the Hot Corner Young Adult - Sports
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Product Description

When his best friend reveals that he is gay, Scott Latimer, a varsity baseball player has to deal with not only his own prejudices but also those of others.

Editorial Reviews

Trueman again revisits the interior thoughts and fears of a teenager. Unlike earlier works, this one features no violence. Instead, it's about a baseball-obsessed teen whose world is rocked when his best friend admits he's gay. Travis moves in with Scott and his dad, because Travis's parents can't handle his homosexuality. Unfortunately, neither can Scott, causing a schism between them. Scott immediately gets an AIDS test out of ignorance; in seven days, he'll get the results. Until then, he's in the hot corner (baseball lingo for third base). Scott does a lot of soul-searching, finally achieving self-awareness and understanding about his parents' divorce, values and acceptance of others. Scott also realizes that baseball is neat but life is messy. He ultimately decides it doesn't matter if he wins or loses; his actions in life are of utmost value. Scott's fears and journey are utterly believable, even if his self-realization is rather rushed. However, the sports aspect and realistic treatment of prejudice and teenagers should keep readers enthralled. Especially recommended for reluctant readers. (Fiction. YA) Copyright Kirkus 2007 Kirkus/BPI Communications. All rights reserved.

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